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honcho n : a person who exercises control over workers; "if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman" [syn: foreman, chief, gaffer, boss]

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  • IPA: /ˈhɑn.ʧo/
  • Other 1: (hŏnʹchō)
  • Other 2: HAHN-choh
  • Rhymes: -ɒntʃəʊ


From Japanese 班長 (はんちょう, hanchō), group leader, probably via American English.


  1. boss, leader


  • 1983: Max Von Sidewinder is back to play Spectre's head honcho, only now we see his face! — net.movies, 7 Nov 1983
  • 2001: Gulfstream makes jets for both Hollywood honchos and foreign governments like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. — Michael Moore, Stupid White Men, 2001, p.22

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boss, chief, chieftain, cock, electronics king, head, headman, hierarch, king, lead, leader, leading light, luminary, master, master spirit, paramount, prima donna, principal, star, superstar, top dog
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